The Whybirds


I first met these guys at Monkey Puzzle House in 2009 when they'd been picked up by Elliot Mazer (Neil Young/the Band) on a production deal to record their second studio album - Cold Blue Sky.  It was an intense 4 days of non-stop live recording.  Punctuated with boozy evenings and 4am jams in the liveroom.    I learned a lot and it led to some fine musical projects... see here


I subsequently produced that album on a second recording session.  Their third album - A Little Blood - was recorded and produced by Nick Mailing (who recorded their first) and was mixed by me at the Den.

The Crow's Caw.

Lead single from the album A Little Blood

From A Little Blood (mix engineer)

The Whybirds are a three-piece rock 'n' roll band from Bedford, England.

All three members (Dave Banks, Ben Haswell and Luke Tuchscherer) are singer/songwriters – giving the group a diverse range of songs and vocal styles – but without straying from The Whybirds' sanguine brand of rock 'n' roll.

Classic Rock journalist Derek Oliver said: “The Whybirds have it all; songs, musicianship and a sense of maturity that most acts of this kind can’t even comprehend. These guys are the real deal, you’ll be hearing more of The Whybirds some time soon.”

According to Americana UK, The Whybirds “...sound like Pearl Jam having a fist fight with The Allman Brothers in Don Henley’s back yard. But what’s more important is that The Whybirds might just be the hardest working and hardest rocking band in Britain right now – a band destined for greatness”.




Maverick Country – 4/5

R2 (Rock ‘n’ Reel) – 4/5

Power Metal – 9/10

Classic Rock – 7/10

Americana UK – 7/10




Songwriting Magazine – 5/5

Scottish Daily Express – 4/5

R2 (Rock ‘n’ Reel) – 4/5

Uncut – 7/10

Powerplay – 7/10

Americana UK – 7/10