The Popopopops

A Quick Remedy - MIX/Swell - Producer and Engineer

I was first introduced to this French band from Rennes by MixingPlusOnline....


They're a very talented bunch of young guys who really explore lyrical concepts and aren't afraid to put themselves out there.  


A Quick Remedy was recorded by Mitch Decklerk and features the single My Mind is Old.  It attracted a lot of attention after which they signed to Paris label ZRP.  The next year they asked my to go over to France to record their album.


We worked on pre-production in Rennes, tracked the drums and bass at Studio Drop-In at the Quicksilver headquarters in Saint Jean de Luz, near Biaritz (excellent).  Guitars and synths were tracked in Rennes at MasterPlus, vocals at Simon's mum's house in Dinard and finally, for some added magic, trumpets, percussion, more synths and effects were recorded at Le Garage Hermétique in Nantes.