Summer 2015


Here's a little update of what I;ve been up to.

Its been a mega busy summer for work so far.

I've finally finsihed Yossarian's second album. Its with the masterer now so it should be ready for release any day now. Check them out here for dates etc

I've also been playing a few festivals with luke Tuchscherer including an amazing time at Maverick festival in Suffolk. We;ve had some amazing reviews which you can check out on his website here.

Two new releases from Audio network this month. One - a single track Enemy which I wrote with Gavin Harrison and Chris Warner with strings and brass recorded at Abbey Road. Its dark and its epic. Check it out here.

The second, 90s Indie was a project with Remy and Lorenzo at MegaPunch. Check it out here.

Finally, I have been working with a ew artist completing a four track EP which is nearly finished. more to follow!

Thats it! Adios Amigos.

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