Sarah Griffin - Above the Parapet 2010

I seem to be on an ever growing quest to track down/remember past projects I've be involved with.

Here is one such find - Sarah Griffin - Above the Parapet

Sarah Griffin - Above the Parapet

Through a chance re-remembering thanks to my partner Hayley I rediscovered this gem. I recorded it in the summer of 2010 and listening to it again brings back lots of good memories of being on the road a lot, drumming, getting a sun tan, working late late nights in the studio and generally having a good ol' carefree time.

It was when I had just started being given full projects to work on at Monkey Puzzle House. Being keen as custard, I recorded, engineered, edited and produced all of this album in a week. I'm not sure I'd have the stamina for that now.

Anyhoo, give it a listen!

After a few years off Sarah is now recording her second album.

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