Where have the past two months gone?


Where have the past two months gone? Its seems like yesterday I was typing that I was approaching the final stages of the Yossarian album. How wrong I was. I am now officially in the final stages of the Yossarian album. This week we'll finish it. Maybe.

I've also been hanging out in New York. As a Beastie Boys fan, this was a pretty big deal. A truley inspiring place. I want to go back NOW!.

Luke Tuchscherer is doing well and it looks like we'll be doing the second album a lot quicker than originally thought after a fortuitous meeting with a publisher. We've now tracked all the guides and demo drums so all the lovely new musicans involved with the project can get their teeth into it. We'll be playing Secret Garden Party and Maverick festical this summer so come along and check out the new line up. More beards, more instruments.

I've also been back in France mixing with Igor Salnikov, a Russian musicain living in Paris who's recent exploits are being following in a short film. We've been mixing the first EP in a studio in Ploermel - http://www.lsdb.fr. Lovely NEVE console and a great sounding room.

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