Luke Tuchscherer

You get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense - PRODUCER/MIX/DRUMMER


This is Luke's solo project.  Normally he writes and plays drums for The Whybirds.  It's turned out really well and is receiving some very positive reivews, records of the day and whatnot.


It was recorded over a period of about two and a half years but we probably spent about a month on it in total.  Picture below is us right after the first day's tracking at Monkey Puzzle House.  Luke recorded all the acoustic guitar and main vocals in a little dark box I made for him.    I later laid the drums over and and then we started sending it to lots of other people for their playing efforts. 



“Tuchscherer’s ability to create such an engaging collection of sad songs and waltzes should ensure that You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense will be a contender for an appearance on any year end list”

– Americana UK


 “His sincerity oozes through his lusciously rough voice… genuinely heartbreaking”

– Slate The Disco


 “Tuchscherer knows how to write, he has a compositional capacity beyond doubt that reaches great heights… a great album”

– Eleven Rock Magazine


 Either on his own or with his backing band The Penny Dreadfuls, Luke will be playing shows all over to help promote the record, as well as continuing to work with The Whybirds.




Americana UK – 8/10

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