Here are some of the artists I have worked with.  Click on an image to learn more


Luke Tuchscherer
Always Be True 2017
This is the Sound of Sugar Town 2015
Cathedrals & Cars
Concierge 2015
Naomi Sutherland
Intuition 2015
Stealing Signs
Hide and Seek 2015 (Single)
Thank Pablo
When You Coming Home 2015
Stealing Signs
Columbia EP 2015
Luke Tuchscherer
You Get So Alone Sometimes it Just Makes Sense 2014

Hard Knocks 2013
The Popopopops
Swell 2013
The Little We Know 2013
Matt Cardle
Porcelain 2013
The Whybirds
A Little Blood 2013
The Vitamins
Keys to the Limo 2013
The Popopopops
A Quick Remedy 2012
Waxing captors
Back to Birmingham EP 2012
Stealing Signs
Roman House EP 2012
Dagger Tongue 2013
Wankin' Noodles
Tu dormiras ce soir 2012
Social Network Junkies 2012
Thank Pablo
Matt Cardle
The Fire 2012
Ethan Ash
Playing by Numbers 2012
Stealing Signs
Luxemboug EP 2011
The Waxing captors
Pleasure! 2010
These Are End Times
We Have Come so Far. It is over 2010
Ten City Nation
Futures 2010
Simon Jayme
Wild Life 2010
The Whybirds
Cold Blue Sky 2010
Seven Summers
Seven Summers 2010
Sarah Griffin
Above the Parapet 2010
7 Questions
Air Liquid 2009
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