A large part of my work is creating tracks for synchronisation.  I predominantly work for Audio Network in a variety of genres from folk and indie through to hard hitting orchestral scores.  My full catalogue of over 130 works can be found here


Audio Network Featured Albums

2017 Moments of Glory

2017 Fiddle Led Folk

2017 Hooky Indie Anthems

2016 Analogue Breaks

2016 Action Rock


Feb 2016 Release - Bit Pop


August 2015 Release 90s Indie


August 2015 Release Enemy


May 2015 Release Light Acoustic lifestyle


Feb 2015 Release:  Indie On Tour


Jan 2015 Release:  Rambling Roads


Feb 2014: Stomping Folk




I collaborate with several composers including


Gavin Harrison

Greg McDonald

Lorenzo De Feo & Remy Mallet @ Mega Punch

Adam Drake

Terry Devine-King

Chris Warner

Toolshed Music